Promotional Brand Film
Role | animator; illustrator
Client | Bauer Media
Copyright | Turquoise Branding
December 2012

I had the great pleasure of working with the good folk at Turquoise Branding to create an animated film for Bauer Media. The film outlines Bauer Media’s significant reach and understanding of consumer markets throughout the UK and how they can connect advertisers with their target markets. I was responsible for creating all illustration and animation aspects of the film.


Character Design & Artwork:

Priya Mistry_BM_sherlock


Priya Mistry_BM_dog

Priya Mistry_BM_arm

Priya Mistry_BM_signpost

Priya Mistry_BM_redcarpet

Still frames:
Priya Mistry_BM_still01

Priya Mistry_BM_still02

Priya Mistry_BM_still03

Priya Mistry_BM_still04

Priya Mistry_BM_stil05